Salient Features

We provide a friendly and cost effective remittance service which you can trust and rely on. Our Focus is on to reach all our customers and facilitate for their convenience. The salient features and advantages of our product and services are highlighted below:

1. First company having Account Deposit facility in the Banks & Financial Institutions of Nepal.
2. Highest disbursement network in Nepal(more than 2600 partners for just-in-time delivery).
3. Web-based technology(can be accessed directly from our website).
4. 24*7 and 24 hour online support.
5. Real-time cash-in-flash online services.
6. Receiver can get within minutes after the transaction is generated.
7. Advises on remittance request at the receiving end for prompt processing.
8. Provides a secured and reliable means of remittance information.
9. Continuoulsy and instantly updates its associates.
10. Lowest transfer fee and transparently competitive exchange rate without any hidden costs.
11. Easily accessible collection agents at convenient locations & other countries.
12. Proven security system and compliance.
13. Major payout agents consist of Banks & Financial Institution with less chance of forgery-assurance for right payment for right customer on right time.
14. Team of experienced and competitive staff,familiar with both domestic market and international market.
15. Alternate payout agent in every location(in case of complcation,customer can avail ther service from very next network office).